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What do we offer?

For tour guides:

  • An online marketplace for registered guides to offer their unique products to the domestic and international market.
  • A job opportunity for anyone who feels they have something out of the ordinary to share, for example, local knowledge and cool hobbies (fishing on a jet ski, wine tour on a bicycle, hanging with a local etc.)
  • The chance to be your own boss and generate an income.

For travellers:

  • Be part of our new world by seeing the amazing and diverse qualities of South Africa with real people.
  • SJUP was created to connect the traveller directly to the guide with transparency and real-time communication for the best possible adventure, affordability and satisfaction on every holiday.

About us

SJUP is the brainchild of Kappie and Malcolm. We have both been in hospitality for many years and, through our shared passion for the industry, also registered as guides. We started showing our guests all of Namaqualand’s beauty, splendour and joy, the way only locals can. So, a few tour packages were created whilst trying to keep the authenticity of the area and its people, yet create something professional and sustainable.

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Going live @ the beginning of 2021

“Our new economy must use every resource and innovation to open up new horizons and offer opportunities to all South Africans”.
– Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa

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Call us: 082 569 7158 (082 802 5711)
Send us an email: info@sjupsjup.com