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Meet your ‘Makers’

Jis-jis, it’s Malcolm and Kappie – the SJUP founders (that’s the two of us in the photo on the right). We’ve both been in the hospitality industry for decades, and the travel flame burns strong within our veins. Over time, our own travels – and the interactions with guests at our establishments – have made us realise what it takes to create an incredible experience.

We believe an air ticket and accommodation are the average travellers’ ‘bread and butter’, while unique activities, adventures and experiences are the home-made jam that makes it sweet and yummy. Traveling should be about cultural connections, stand-out moments, life-long memories … We call these SJUP Moments.

Their aim with SJUP is to create a proudly African travel marketplace.. The platform is geared at creating sustainable jobs and impacting local communities.. While allowing visitors a glimpse of the true Africa and its people.

Picture of SJUP founders, Kappie and Malcolm
Picture of a man making a SJUP

Sharing SJUP Moments

Think about it: ‘City Tours’ are a dime a dozen if you search on-line. Once you venture off the beaten track, however, unique experiences are hard to find. We believe this is what the SJUP Traveller is in search of and we’re here to help!

Few people know South Africa’s back roads and small dorps as well as the two of us, but on our travels in the countryside, we found it near impossible to find those quality experiences we were searching for. Surely there had to be a better way to connect with local wisdom – whether it be in Namaqualand or Namibia - and this is why we created SJUP.

The final result is a proudly African Travel Gateway, boasting a platform geared to create sustainable jobs, develop community tourism initiatives and uplift individuals without access to their own marketing platforms. SJUP does exactly this, while simultaneously offering a wide-ranging view of the hidden tourism gems and wide African smiles awaiting you beyond the Concrete Jungle streets.

/SJUP/ ~ ‘Southafricanism’ from the word /SHARP/ abbreviation /SHAP/

/MEANING/ ~ /LEKKER/ or /GREAT/ or /GOTCHA/ across all 11 official languages

/USAGE/ - expression of enthusiasm; think of it as your verbal FACEBOOK ‘Like’!

Up, SJUP and Away!

Our Vision for the Future

There’s only one way and that is up… We want SJUP to be the most widely used on-line travel gateway for experiences in Africa. Travellers, guides, tourism regions, hospitality and accommodation establishments… you ALL can connect here and become part of this vision by signing up to the most effective and affordable marketplace on the Mother Continent.

SJUP aims to:

  • Help create sustainable career opportunities
  • Give travellers exposure to unique South African rural experiences
  • Promote tourism through retaining the authenticity of the region and its people
  • Enable hobby enthusiasts to create an extra income stream
  • Enhance the exposure of rural and community tourism
  • Allow travellers the opportunity to uplift and connect with local communities
  • Maximise affordable tourism activities for travellers
  • Boost responsible, sustainable tourism in South Africa

Affordable - Standardised - Trustworthy